The Circle of Women


The circle of women


“The Circle of Women” was a piece designed as a gift for a bride-to-be at her bridal shower.  All the guests at the shower were given one of these sun-catchers too, as a reminder that they are part of this young woman’s powerful Circle of Women.  The following story was read aloud to the bride at the shower, explaining the piece’s design:

So, what is a bridal shower anyway? A group of women who come together to shower the bride-to-be with gifts to help her and her husband-to-be set up their home. We give them that good start, that push to make it easier for them to form a new household – a new family.

It’s no accident that it’s women who get together to attend these showers.

I suppose historically, it was the only the women who gathered because it was only the women who were responsible for taking care of the household, and shower gifts are usually tools to help you do that. But because there’s something about a circle of women, I think bridal showers are so much more than that…

…This suncatcher is called “The Circle of Women”

It’s made of several different kinds of clear glass to show that each of us women are different while being part of the same thing.

The whole shape is round and smooth, strong, with each piece connected – just like the circle we make here today.

Parts of the glass are a little cloudy, and parts are tinged with frost.

Life can be that way.

But notice that there are clear parts, and all the pieces will let the warm, brilliant sunlight come pouring through.

Life can be that way, too.

Looking at the sweeping lines inside the outer circle, imagine that they are women – these women – standing with arms linked surrounding, supporting that star shape in the middle.

That star? That’s you. We’re here for you.

Here is your circle of women.

That’s part of what today is – all of these women in this joined family coming together for you. Every time you look at this piece, remember that, all through your life, your circle of women is here for you…

…to celebrate with you,

…to comfort you,

…to enjoy you,

…to help you,

…to laugh with you,

…to do the “dance of joy” with you,

…to hold you when you cry tears of sadness and to rejoice with you as those tears of absolute happiness fall.

When you look at your suncatcher, may it remind you that there is a strong circle of women who are lucky enough to share in your life, and who love you.

Always remember that.