Married Life

Married life stained glass panel

A gift given to mark an occasion as auspicious as a wedding should mean something. Said wedding gift should also contain symbolism and lots of it.

Surely, on your wedding day, you’ll be too busy staring dreamily into each others’ eyes to ponder and interpret symbols, so to make it easy for you, here’s what this wedding gift means.

The panel is called “Married Life”.

Look in the midsection of the panel to find two heart shapes. Those are the two of you – two individuals, one represented by blue and one by the cream-coloured glass. In marriage, you both give parts of yourselves to the other, that’s why the heart shapes are a mixture of blue and cream.

Running crosswise through the panel is a stylized symbol for infinity showing that the love you have for each other has no beginning, no end.

You’ll see triangular pieces around the border of the piece, pointing toward the centre of the panel. These pieces represent the family and friends who gather to celebrate your commitment to each other on your wedding day. The lead lines joining the points and running through the centre of the panel show how the people who join you on your wedding day will continue to run through your lives, caring about you and what unfolds for you.

The centre circle represents your wedding day – the formal start of your own family circle.

There are imperfections in the glass as there always are – little bubbles and flaws that interrupt the whole but, once you get used to them, make for an interesting, unique piece.

Marriage can be like that.

There are dark colours, mixed colours, light colours, clear pieces and lots of solder, lead, zinc and putty, holding it all together, elbow grease having put these elements there. Sunlight, moonlight, streetlight, no light – all these will change how you see the piece. The design and materials are only so much; it’s the light that makes it really be.

Marriage can be like that, too.

May you be granted many years to enjoy your “Married Life”.